Battery Wallet Capacity

The SprkCharger Wallet is designed for six credit cards. Market research and extended personal use testing determined this is typically more than enough space once a good housekeeping process is completed. Your picture ID and 2-3 other cards are typically all that are used once you complete a housekeeping review. Personal daily carry experience resulted in a 60% reduction in wallet volume from a loaded leather bifold to the loaded SprkCharger Wallet.

“Critical 6” Definition - Wallet Housekeeping:

  • “junk” – Throw out true junk. Store historical items in a drawer or in your old wallet.
  • Information Card - Pictures in a folder – Use your phone to take pictures of low use but important to access information only cards. On your phone create an “album” and move these pictures to that album for quick access and sharing via text or email as needed. Store the actual card in your “safe place”. (Ex- insurance card, Vaccination card, etc in “Medical info” photo album)
  • Keyed Electronic code vs card- many preferred customer programs and some credit cards will allow you to simply key in your phone number/security number during the POS transaction to gain your points vs carrying a service card to scan. Create an obscure reference name contact in your phone contact list to record the code for reference if needed. (Ex Food/Gas card programs = Cub)
  • Keyed Code + ID Card – some “store credit cards” allow you to key in your security number (SSN) at POS and show a picture ID to allow your charge to be directly transacted without a physical credit card. You still get the store card process discount. (ex- BESTBUY)
  • Direct Phone Pay – Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other direct electronic payment services using your phone as the transaction control mechanism

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