Connector Storage - Key Chain

Connector Storage – Key Chain  (?under construction)

The SprkCharger magnetic connectors are very convenient and exceptionally flexible with the Lightning, USB C, and Micro USB options provided.  We highly encourage customers to purchase additional connectors and to leave them “mounted” in their devices for daily use to enhance “quick connection” and prevent device connector wear.

For other uses, a great deal of focus was invested into designing a proprietary magnetic connector storage system to enhance convenience. The system allows for three connectors to be held magnetically in a recess with a high-quality clear polycarbonate cover to keep them clean, visible, and held in place in any position to avoid dropping them.  

The SprkCharger wrap has this built into the wrap. The Keychain can be directly connected to a keychain, carried in a pocket, or other storage area. We even provide a mini carabiner to allow you to hook your keychain to a loop on a computer bag or to do a loop through on your SprkCharge cable, so your connectors are always clean and conveniently available

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