Full Load Battery Use Case Studies

#1 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Customer - Rich H

Rich used his S20 phone as a cellular hot spot for his computer Wi-Fi access from his cabin in northern Minnesota. He attached his Slim to the S20 charged at 29% and used the S20 as a cellular Wi-Fi hot spot for 2.5 hrs. At the end of the use his S20 had a battery charge of 37%. The Slim provided the full power for the access point use and also increased the S20 battery charge 8% from the 29% starting point.


#2 iPhone 12 Pro Max - Customer Jon N

Jon used his 12 Pro Max with initial charge of 24% to support a typical mixed-use test case. The Slim was attached to the 12 Pro Max for 30 minutes of streaming video (U-Tube) via Wi-Fi. This was immediately followed by 30 minutes of streaming via a 5G cellular connection (3 bars). A 40-minute business call was then completed over the 5G network. The Slim fully powered the 100 minutes (1.7hrs) of use while also increasing the 12 Pro Max charge 26% to end at 50%. Jon also noted that during this period he had the phone mounted on a SprkCharger Charge Stand for great viewing angle for the streaming and phone use.

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