RFID Safe Wallet

RFID Safe Wallet

“Tap to Pay” credit cards that allow you to transfer your credit/debit card information for payment without inserting the card into a reader are becoming standard. These cards have a radio wave symbol marking on them and have passive RFID chips built into them. These cards are very convenient but have raised some data theft security concerns.

When the card (chip) is held over the RFID reader in the Point of Sales (POS) transaction reader radio waves from the POS activate the chip in the card so your card number and validity date can be read to complete the transaction.

In theory a thief can use a portable scanner to read your card chip and information by coming near your card capturing the information transmitted. High power scanners are noted to be able to do distance scans from 3-4 feet and beyond.

The SprkCharger Wallet is RFID Safe and prevents the chip from being scanned at any distance. The wallet is designed with high quality stainless steel that encloses the chips in your cards in stainless steel to shield RF radio waves from contacting the chip and preventing a scan from being completed.

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