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Cell phone power charging connectors (USB-C, Lightning, Micro USB) all include data lines along with the power wires. Plugging a standard USB charge cable into an unknown power source such as a public charging port can expose your phone’s data lines to a process called “Juice Jacking” where the data lines are “hacked” to download malicious code onto your phone or to steal data.  See the links provided for more information.

SprkCharger magnetic cables and SprkCharger Slim battery have been specifically engineered to remove any threat of data line hacking and are Juice Jack SAFE. The cables can be plugged directly into any standard USB port on computers, public charge ports, or a powerbank with no threat of being “hacked”.

The SprkCharger Wrap with 1M braided cable was designed specifically to enhance travel use to provide a secure, compact, high quality 1M cable with universal connectors and convenient storage to use anywhere including public charging stations. warning

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