SLIM Battery charging Characteristics


Phone Recharge Rate

The increase in % of phone battery charge as indicated on the target phone is dependent on the size of the battery on the phone being charged. Typical charge increase range is 5%-8% of charge each ten minutes. The total actual mAh charge provided by Slim is the same but a larger cell will increase a lower % of the total capacity (5000 mAh Phone ~35%) than a smaller cell (2815 mAh Phone ~ 60%). A full discharge of the Slim to the phone is typically 60-80 minutes.

Re-Charge Time for the Slim

A fully discharged powerbank will recharge in an approximately 2.5 hrs. using the SprkCharger cable with Micro USB connector and a qualified 5V USB charger.

Battery Discharge in Storage

SprkCharger Slim is based on a Lithium-Ion cell technology that has a small natural discharge in normal storage along with a charge maintenance circuit. If the battery is not used and not stored at extended hot temperatures it is expected to have a self-discharge rate of 3% of a full charge capacity per month. Periodic recharging of cells in storage is recommended.

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