SprkCharger Cable Vs Wireless Charging (Qi) Speed

Wireless charging is completed by charging a coil on the charger creating an electrical field that “broadcasts” to the coil on the phone being charged. If the phone is placed accurately over the charge coil to exactly align the two coils the phone coil will “receive” the signal and covert this “transmission” into power to charge the phone battery. This magnetic wireless charging is “finicky” and much less efficient than a direct cable from a power conversion process. This makes slower with more heat generation than a direct wired connection even with high quality wireless chargers.

The SprkCharger cable uses a direct magnetic connection which is much more efficient and provides a faster charge with the same power. A reference test with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone MagSafe case, MagSafe connector and the new iPhone 20W wall connector showed the SprkCharger cable was 22% faster charging from 20-80% charge levels on the iPhone 12.

The direct magnetic connections also provide “quick connect” convenience and allow the device being charged to continue to be fully used while being charged. The SprkCharger Stand magnetically integrates with the magnetic cable connector to allow one hand charge mounting and a multi angle viewing angle for streaming and device use.

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