SprkCharger Magnetic Technology

Easy. Durable. Fast. Safe.


SprkCharger works with all of your devices


Do you ever find yourself carrying a bunch of different cords to charge all of your devices? One for your phone, another for your headphones, and maybe another for your tablet or other devices? We do. We were fed up with having to carry different cords for all of our different devices. So, we created the SprkCharger Magnetic Cable. Our cable combines all other cables into one. Meaning you only have to carry one cable for all of your devices. Our cable ensures that you won't forget or grab the wrong cable. You will always have the right cable to charge your device when you need it.


No more frayed cables


Frayed cables suck. It’s annoying to have to bend your cable in just the right way so that your phone will charge. Most cables have stress points that, after repeated use, will slowly cause the cable to fray, break, and ultimately be useless. Even many high quality cables will fray after moderate usage. But you can say goodbye to useless frayed cables with our SprkCharger Magnetic Cable. Our cable doesn't wear out like other cables because our patented design allows the cable to flex and pivot, limiting the stress placed on the cable's natural stress points. With SprkCharger Magnetic Cable, you’ll never have a frayed cable again.


Faster than wireless charging


Charging your devices with a wireless charger takes longer than if you plug a cable directly into your device. This is because of the inefficiency of sending power through the air. When using our SprkCharger Magnetic Cable, your devices will charger faster than with a wireless charger because of the direct electrical connection with minimal inefficiencies. Make sure that when you are in a pinch and need to charge your device fast, you'll be able to charge it the quickest way possible with SprkCharger Magnetic Cable.


Juice Jack Safe


Did you know that public charging stations such as those found in airports, train stations, or other public spaces can be a security risk and could allow hackers to access private information on your phone such as text messages, bank information, photos, and more? This is called “juice jacking,” which is when a hacker steals data from your phone or uploads malware while you are charging it. Our cables are specially designed to prevent any security issues, making sure that any time you charge your device, you will never be at risk. SprkCharger Magnetic Technology ensures optimal security for charging all of your devices whenever and wherever you need a charge.


Easy to connect


Our patented SprkCharger Magnetic Connector is ultra-easy to connect. Because of our magnetic design, anytime the cable is near your device, it will easily snap into place. No more trouble finding the charging port. Our charger makes it easy to connect your cord and that's the way it should be.


Charge two devices at once


Our unique connector design allows you to charge two devices at once. No more needing two separate cables to charge two devices — just use one. Next time your phone and your headphones both need a charge, just grab one of our cables and charge them both at the same time. Happy charging!


No more damaged charging ports


Have you ever been unable to charge your phone because the charging port was damaged or not connecting properly to the cable? This is a common issue that many people face due to repeated charging of the device. By plugging and unplugging your charging cable, over time the charging connections will break down. This can be prevented with our SprkCharger Magnetic Connector technology. We recommend that you keep our magnetic connector in your device at all times. This prevents the damage caused by plugging and un-plugging a cable in your device. Use our SprkCharger cable to ensure that you never have to deal with a broken charging port again.

High quality, dependable products Never be without a charge again.
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High quality, dependable products Never be without a charge again.
Free shipping on domestic orders over $100